WordPress update

Just updated WordPress on the site- hopefully this will spark some updates and maybe even a show or two??

Photo Upload Test
Photo Upload Test

Time isn’t always on my side

New show coming- not like I haven’t thought about it and even started a few times but time has been tough to find. Hoping a regular schedule, whatever that means, comes back before too long.

For the meantime- Hey Everybody!!

Am I a Twitter Snob?

As of this writing I have 1,411 followers.  I am followig 932 people and have 4,350 updates.  I am not a Twitter super star- far from it.  But every day I get several e-mails alerting me to new followers.  I don’t follow them blindly, in fact, many times I don’t follow them at all.  Here is my thought process:

  • If you only have posts that say “Check out my website” – I will not follow
  • If you are following a thousand people but only a hundred are following you – I will not follow
  • If you have no bio – I probably won’t follow (note that if you have a bio it might overrule one of the above but also a lack of bio can be overcome by interesting posts in your recent additions)
  • If your posts or bio elude to making money on Twitter – I probably won’t follow
  • If your posts are in another language – sorry, if I can’t read what you’re saying why would I follow?
  • If you have labeled yourself as a marketing genius or a Social Media guru – after laughing, I will probably not follow

So what is a Social Media guru?  More on that on my next post/rant.


In an unprecedented move, Google announced today involvement in a Smart Toilet.  The new urinal, the G-Whiz, will allow patrons to voice search while “taking care of business”/  The stand up urinal also projects Google Earth and allows users to “stream” content.  No pictures are available at this time and rumours are that all plans and documentaiotn on the designed have been flushed.  On interview, Google executives have denied knowledge of these claims and wasehd their hands of the existence of this product.  More to come as this story unravels (all over the floor).

Boy, I suck

Just realized that I have not done a show in a month.  Been kind of unplugged for the end of the Summer but getting back on track.  Will try to remedy this soon.

For now, stay tuned and keep entertained with the political climate leading up to the November Elections- just too interesting to pass up.

Travel Woes return

Well, I mentioned a couple of months ago about my travel issues getting to Kansas City and back.  At the time I had never experienced the true terror of travel.  But, that day became my worst travel day ever.

I guess I am travelling too much since I now have a day to rival that one.  It was to be a simple day, fairly relaxed leaving Richmond mid-day to get to Milwaukee by way of Philadelphia.  The plane was late at Richmond and with only 45 minutes to catch my connecting flight, I was paged by the airline desk and they suggested I try another flight (if I missed my connection I would be stuck in Philly for almost 7 hours until the next flight).

So, based on their urging, I waited in Richmond for 2 hours to catch a flight to Charlotte that continued to Milwaukee.  Flight left Richmond on time and was vacant enough that I got an emergency exit seat- for the 45 minute flight.  I did find out that a) “continues to Milwaukee” does not mean the same plane goes to the destination, as I assumed and b) the smaller plane end of the Charlotte airport is nearly void of any signs or information to confirm flights and gates.

But identification of my gate was the least of my problems.  We boarded the plane, fairly on time.  It was packed full.  I was one seat up and across the isle from the bathroom in the back, pinned in the window seat.  Not completely happy but bearable- let’s just get there already.

The Captain first came over and said that the auxilary power unit required maintenance, that it was not allowing them to start the plane’s engines and causing the Air Conditioning to not work.  This issue was compounded by a thunderstorm rolling through the area- apparently when lightning is striking (and it was pretty close and plentiful) the ground crew takes cover and do not perform maintenance.  The temperature rose to the point that I was sweating all over and most of the passengers were fanning themselves with the emergency pamphlets.  It felt like at least 90 degrees, maybe more.  Once they fixed it the Captain stated the temperature dropped 15 degrees and was still dropping.

Hats off to crew members who happened to be on board on their way to a conference.  They were able to lend a hand, pass out water (until it ran out) and basically guide the working crew to better care for the passengers.  They mentioned that it was noticably cooler in the front of the plane, which explained why the working crew never came back to our area once the temperature rose.

For some time they were not allowed to let us off the plane- too much lightning.  But, after the storm died down a little (after about 30 minutes of active lightning) they let us off and the maintenance crew was able to perform repairs.  This of course added time to get everyone off then back on but at this point it also gave a chance for escape- to find a flight back home.

But, the quest was on.  I got back on, we had to wait through another round of lightning and then wait for several other planes in line to get out now that the coast, or air, was clear.  I finally arrived in Milwaukee almost 6 hours after I was to be here.  No big deal other than missing the Brewers-Rockies game.  But it is one of those travel events that will stick in my mind for a while (and hopefully not be matched anytime soon).

Poop Floats

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