It has been a long time since I updated this site.  Almost 7 years to be exact (only two weeks from being exactly 7 years, to be exact).  I guess I got the 7 year itch.

A lot of my “free” time over the past few years has been spent watching my boys play sports.  Beyond watching, it has been recording their sports.  And with recording, there has been a lot of editing and posting of their sports.  My oldest has been playing volleyball for the past 3+ years (both through High School and through the local volleyball club as part of their Juniors program).  My youngest has been playing travel and High School soccer and is now breaking into volleyball to follow in the footsteps of his brother.

This all boils down go an active sports calendar about 10 months of the year (from June to late July we get a bit of a break) and a lot of hours of video.  Video of the game they play in as well as some they don’t (I recorded varsity volleyball and soccer last year when my kids were both playing JV – but I was there and had the equipment setup so why not?).  I typically find that the guys playing like to go back and watch themselves.  (Honestly, I don’t think my boys watch the video much, if at all)

What I have found over the years is a few souls like me.  Dads (primarily, although there are moms out there too) who want to record their kids playing sports and share.  When I do run into these folks, we typically share some common stories or gab about equipment or angles  or whatever.  This blog is migrating for that purpose – to share what I find in the way of tips, tales and (what’s another T word I can use?) triumphs.  Basically a place for me to geek out over my limited knowledge of videography and share what I am doing and how it turns out.

A little history of this blog.  Back in 2005 I started podcasting.  I started a show called LoveHouse Radio and played indie (aka podsafe) music and told a few stories about my life, my family (when the boys were really young) and so forth.  Thanks to my friend Tee Morris, the podcast was even featured in the first edition of Podcasting for Dummies!!

That original podcast spawned into another focused on parenting called The DaddyCast, which left LoveHouse Radio to be focused on the music.  As time went on, and after 200 episodes, the music podcast received less attention and started to flounder.  Basically, time became harder and harder to free up for podcasting so I had to create limits and LoveHouse Radio took a hit.  Eventually podcasting as a whole became too time consuming to maintain (partly due to the boys taking up sports and me taking up a new hobby of recording them).

So it seems somewhat apropos that this space would become where I talk about the hobby that replaced its original purpose.  Who knows, perhaps this could lead to another podcast to supplement this blog?  Whatever course this takes, I hope someone finds it useful and it can become a resource to other trying to save some memories of their kids playing sports (or acting or performing in any way) through the hobby of videography.