Chasing Dreams before they are forgotten

Do you still remember your childhood dreams?  Do you remember what you wanted to grow up to be?  Have you gotten close?  Are you still chasing the dream?  Or have you forgotten about it?

With some recent challenges in life, and the fact that I am closing in on 40, I have been putting some thought into what life is all about.  What is my legacy?  What am I doing and how does it apply to, well, anything?  This line of thinking has brought me to realize that in the process of chasing down life, I have neglected the chase for my dreams.

Life is busy.  There is family and family is very important.  I have dedicated myself to my family- my sons and my wife.  In the past year this dedication has turned up a notch as I have realized that there are big benefits to putting more into my family, especially my partner for life, my wife.

Along with this is work, something we do to support our family but also something we do to fulfill our feeling of worth and accomplishment.  As a senior manager is a small development firm, there is never a lack of things to do.  I could spend all day, every day, dedicated to growing the business, getting organized, documenting processes, etc.  It is an effort to not get too involved, which would negatively impact the first item, family.

Aside from family and work, there is exercise, social time and that thing they call sleep.  Put it all together and toss in 5 minutes here and there of leisure and before you know it, time to chase dreams is gone.  Just look at how long it has been since I recorded a LoveHouse Radio.  I can hardly get a DaddyCast out once a month.  At one time I was producing around 8-10 shows a week.  But at what cost?   And was this really chasing my dream?  What is my dream anyway?

Since as long as I can remember I have wanted to be an author.  I have stories that I wrote in the 3rd grade, using classmates as characters, in my file drawer.  In or around the 6th grade I started taking these stories, typing them up and selling copies.  My classmates seemed fascinated to find out what they did next in tales of disaster, horror and whatever other mystersies I would conjur up at that young age.  That was my dream.  But where is it now?

It is time to redirect energy, not away from family or the job that supports us but to find some way to direct time and thought to the dream.  There has to be something that can be cut, that can allow more time to get to the dream, to accomplish more.  That is the challenge that is before me now, to find the time, create the time, create the opportunity to chase the dream

How about you?  Are you chasing your dreams?  Or are you complacent?  Are you happy with your day to day life, just maintaining?  Do you remember the dream or have you allowed it to be forgotten?  Or perhaps just changed- it is easy to set our reality to the dream when trying to chase the dream gets too hard. It seems easier to change or forget then to get frustrated with it all.

I challenge you to join me, let us support each other, and pursue the dreams that we have always had on our minds.  Let’s make this happen.  Let’s fulfill our dreams, in any little or large way we can, before it is too late.  Chase the dream in hopes that you will catch it.

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  1. So is the podcast dead or what?!! This was my favorite podmusic podcast but there have only been 2 shows in the last 6 months or more.

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