Am I a Twitter Snob?

As of this writing I have 1,411 followers.  I am followig 932 people and have 4,350 updates.  I am not a Twitter super star- far from it.  But every day I get several e-mails alerting me to new followers.  I don’t follow them blindly, in fact, many times I don’t follow them at all.  Here is my thought process:

  • If you only have posts that say “Check out my website” – I will not follow
  • If you are following a thousand people but only a hundred are following you – I will not follow
  • If you have no bio – I probably won’t follow (note that if you have a bio it might overrule one of the above but also a lack of bio can be overcome by interesting posts in your recent additions)
  • If your posts or bio elude to making money on Twitter – I probably won’t follow
  • If your posts are in another language – sorry, if I can’t read what you’re saying why would I follow?
  • If you have labeled yourself as a marketing genius or a Social Media guru – after laughing, I will probably not follow

So what is a Social Media guru?  More on that on my next post/rant.

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